meet lauren + ali

Offering a unique dynamic of photo + video storytelling for weddings.

We have a  passion for love stories and a focus on authentic connection.

Read more to learn about our individual "lenses" that we use to see

and document the world + a behind the scenes look at how we work!



I'm Ali, and I'm glad you found yourself here.

I'm an INFP, so that should basically tell you

everything you'd want to know about me. ;)

I'm quiet, compassionate, creative, empathetic, curious,

and I deeply value contemplation + nature.


I believe that love always wins.

I also believe that love occupies many different

forms + expresses in many different ways.

The way that two humans find love in themselves

and in one another is as unique as they are,

and I strive to capture art that represents that



I've been married for 8 years and I have three children.

The roles of wife + mother have taught me the most

about the depths and intricacies of love.

I'm grateful every single day for those

joys, challenges, + adventures.

I hope I get to be a part of documenting your

love story. With great admiration

to all the lovers in the world...


Hi! I'm Lauren. I'm so grateful that you're here!


My favorite thing in the world is human connection. I love learning from others and I feel so lucky when I'm able to document a love story. You and your love inspire me. It's an incredible reminder that with all of the heartbreak in this crazy world, love still wins.


When I look at my own wedding images, and watch my wedding film, I'm able to be transported back to a day that truly felt it was meant just for us. I remember my bouquet shaking as I walked towards my future husband, and then the relief I felt once I was in his arms. I remember my grandfather crying tears of joy after our ceremony and giving me the biggest hug, which I now miss terribly. I remember looking around and feeling so grateful that every person we loved the most was in one space, and how that was real magic. This was the beginning of our next chapter, and nothing makes me happier than witnessing another couple take that leap of faith.

I've been married for (almost!) five years and we have two beautiful children. I'd love to tell you about all of the cool stuff I'm doing when I'm not behind the camera, but the reality is I'm just drinking coffee, trying to raise good humans that say "Please" and "Thank you," and dreaming about our next trip!

I can't wait to meet you!

behind-the-scenes peek at how we work and what we value most.